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Art at The Court

Art at The Court

Earl of Northumberland, by Reynolds

During the renovation of the building that is shared by the Judicial Committee and The Supreme Court, the paintings and other objects in the Middlesex Guildhall Art Collection were carefully removed, cleaned, and in some cases restored.

To increase the public’s enjoyment of visiting the building, Westminster Council also asked for a number of new works of art to be commissioned as part of the refurbishment.  These can be seen all around the publicly-accessible areas of the former Guildhall.

The Middlesex Guildhall Art Collection

The collection commemorates a number of former Lord Lieutenants, judges and Magistrates, including the 1st Duke of Northumberland in portraits by both Gainsborough and Reynolds.

Newly-commissioned works of art

A wide ranging variety of new works of art have been commissioned to enhance the renovated building.

Stained glass

The building hosts a large amount of original stained glass, designed to commemorate the contribution of many notable public figures in the history of Middlesex.

The Supreme Court Arts Trust

An independent charity established in 2016 to promote public education in the connection between art and the law, the Trust manages the Court's programme of temporary exhibitions and has a role in commissioning new art for the building.

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