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17 August 2017
Lady Hale at the Constitutional Law Summer School, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Latest judgments

3 August 2017
The Supreme Court gives four judgments this week

Permission to appeal decision

27 July 2017
In the matter of an application by Geraldine Finucane for Judicial Review (Northern Ireland)

Permission to appeal decision

27 July 2017
R v Lane and another (Appellants)

News releases

21 July 2017
Lady Hale appointed next President of Supreme Court, alongside three new Justices

Permission to appeal

4 July 2017
Permission to appeal (PTA) results for late May to June 2017

Lord Toulson RIP

28 June 2017
Tribute to former Justice

Valedictory ceremony

23 June 2017
For Lord Neuberger and Lord Clarke on Friday 28 July

Latest judgment

19 June 2017
In the matter of Charlie Gard