Latest news

Latest news

Future judgments

20 February 2020
One judgment to be handed down on 26 February 2020.

Latest judgments

19 February 2020
The Supreme Court gives two judgments

Swearing-in ceremony

13 February 2020
Watch swearing-in ceremony of Lord Hodge as Deputy President


6 February 2020
The Supreme Court houses exhibition of artwork from Legal Action Group's s children's book

Permission to appeal

6 February 2020
Permission to appeal (PTA) results for December 2019 and January 2020

Swearing-in ceremony

4 February 2020
Lord Hodge to be sworn-in as new Deputy President on Thursday 13 February 2020

News releases

27 January 2020
Lord Hodge named Deputy President of the Supreme Court

Swearing-in ceremony

7 January 2020
Swearing-in of the Supreme Court President and new Justice on Monday 13 January 2020

News story

23 December 2019
Lady Hale to guest edit BBC Radio 4's Today programme

New artwork

18 December 2019
New artwork celebrating 100 years of women in law

Valedictory ceremony

18 December 2019
Valedictory ceremony for Lady Hale


10 December 2019
Lady Hale at the BACFI Denning Lecture, London on 4 December 2019