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24 January 2017
The Supreme Court gives judgment in the Article 50 'Brexit' cases

Access arrangements: Article 50 'Brexit' judgment

18 January 2017
Access to the Supreme Court building: Article 50 'Brexit' judgment, on Tuesday 24 January

Permission to appeal decision

21 December 2016
Case relating to school attendance and holidays during term time

Permission to appeal decisions

8 December 2016
The first case relates to a trademark dispute; the second is about VAT exemption for the 'Spot the Ball' competition

Permission to appeal decision

7 December 2016
Case relating to a libel action

Permission to appeal decision

5 December 2016
Case relating to lifetime ban on gay men donating blood in Northern Ireland

News releases

2 December 2016
Supreme Court prepares for Article 50 appeal

Article 50 'Brexit' Appeal hub page

1 December 2016
Updates on the appeal will be posted on this page throughout the hearing


21 November 2016
Lord Neuberger gives the Bar Council Law Reform Lecture 2016