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Supreme Court launches Business Plan for 2021-2022

Supreme Court launches Business Plan for 2021-2022

Today the Supreme Court has launched its business plan for the 2021-2022 financial year. The plan sets out the Court's strategic priorities and how it plans to begin to deliver its vision over the year ahead. The plan highlights the following four strategic priorities: Recovery; Diversity and Inclusion; Becoming world class; and Serving the public.

  • As for every organisation, the past year has been dominated by the uncertainties and challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. That is why one of the Court's strategic priorities for 2021-22 is recovery - learning the lessons and improving ways of working.
  • Building on the Court's existing deep commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Court will begin delivery of the new diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy, and will start delivery of the judicial diversity and inclusion strategy 2021-25.
  • As we emerge from the pandemic, the Court will apply the lessons learnt during this time and undertake a review of all processes to ensure that the Supreme court continues to be a modern well-run organisation, and aspires to be a world class one delivering an efficient and effective service to court users, Justices and visitors.
  • In planning for 2021-22 the Court reflected on how it serves the public through the administration of justice, upholding the rule of law and maintaining the Court's independence - going above and beyond during the pandemic. The Supreme Court will broaden and extend its education and outreach, making this more accessible. The Supreme Court will also work with Parliament, government and other courts in order to play a role and contribute to the UK's economic recovery post-Covid, as well as its new international role after leaving the European Union.

These priorities support the Court's vision to be a world leading court.

Download a copy of the Business plan here.


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