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Business Plan

UKSC and JCPC Business Plan 2023/26 -
Year 2

4 April 2024

The Supreme Court has published the second year of its 2023-2026 business plan. This plan sets out our vision and direction with five clear strategic priorities that are:

  • Serving the public
  • Providing a world class service
  • Focusing on our people
  • Engaging outwards
  • Diversity, inclusion and belonging

As the plan outlines, we remain ambitious in achieving our vision to be a world leading court. We will balance providing a high-quality business as usual service with delivery of the final year of our Change Programme. This will prepare us well for the future and enable us to provide a modern and excellent service to the public and users, which is both customer-focused and digital. We will continue to engage outwards. We will build and maintain close relationships with our partners, stakeholders, and national courts, run education programmes for schools and universities and welcome more visitors both national and international to the Court. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion remains unwavering and we will continue to strive to ensure that all our services and activities are as accessible as possible to all in the UK, JCPC jurisdictions who use us and beyond. We will play our part in advocating for and supporting greater diversity and inclusion across the legal profession.

Download a copy of the business plan here.