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Rwanda Appeals Hearing

Information for those wishing to attend the hearing of the Rwanda appeals

The hearing in the above cases (often called the Rwanda appeals) will take place in the Supreme Court from Monday 9 October to Wednesday 11 October 2023 starting at 10.30am each day. It will take place in Courtroom 1 of the Supreme Court, Parliament Square, London, SW1P 3BD.

It will also be broadcast live on our website:

There are a limited number of seats allocated for members of the public inside Courtroom 1. These will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The hearing will also be broadcast live in Courtroom 3.

The Court building will be open to members of the public from 09.30am each day. Everyone coming to the building will be required to come through airport style security.

On these days, it will still be possible to access the Supreme Court to visit the café, or explore the exhibition. However, if you have not been issued a ticket for the hearing, then it may not be possible to access the courtrooms.

You must silence all calls and notifications on mobile devices when you are in the courtrooms. You can take notes, but you must not take photos or videos. Refreshments are not allowed in the courtrooms.

These arrangements have been put in place to ensure a good visitor experience.