Response to media coverage of Lord Neuberger's lecture "Fairness in the courts"

18 April 2015

A Supreme Court spokesman said:

"Following various media reports based on a lecture he gave last week, Lord Neuberger would like to emphasise that he did not say that Muslim women should be allowed to wear a full-face veil while giving evidence in court.

"His lecture was aimed at encouraging judges to develop a greater understanding of the perspectives of those less experienced in the criminal justice system, especially when faced with having to give evidence or face cross-examination.

"Lord Neuberger mentioned a number of examples of cultural and religious views and practices which might lead some people to find such an experience intimidating, but made it clear that the court's primary duty is to establish the truth and determine cases fairly."


The full lecture can be read via the link below. The Supreme Court has written to the editors of the national newspapers which carried inaccurate stories with a letter for publication.

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