Further statement

Julian Assange v Swedish Prosecution Authority
30 May 2012

Following this morning's judgment by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in Assange v The Swedish Prosecution Authority, Ms Rose (counsel for the appellant, Mr Assange) has indicated that she may make an application to re-open the Court's decision. Ms Rose suggested that the majority of the Court appear to have based their decision on the interpretation of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, on which no argument was heard.

The Supreme Court has granted Ms Rose fourteen (14) days to make such an application. If she decides to do so, the Justices will then decide whether to re-open the appeal and accept further submissions (either verbally through a further hearing, or on paper) on the matter.

We will keep you updated on progress with this application and the Justices' consideration of any such application.

With the agreement of the respondent, the required period for extradition shall not commence until 13th June 2012, the 14th day after judgment in accordance with section 36(3)(b) of the Extradition Act 2003.