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East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (Appellant) v Flowers and others (Respondents)

Case ID: 2019/0149

Case summary


How should holiday pay be calculated on (i) the correct construction of the relevant, nationwide NHS employment contract; and (ii) in relation to the Working Time Directive?


The Respondents are all employed by the Appellant Trust. They alleged unlawful deductions from their holiday pay. They say that the calculation of holiday pay should take into account overtime in two cases: non-guaranteed overtime and voluntary overtime. The Appellant Trust disagrees.

Judgment appealed

[2019] EWCA Civ 947



East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust


Neil Flowers and others



Lord Hodge, Lord Briggs, Lady Arden, Lord Burrows, Lady Rose

Hearing start date

Lord Hodge, Deputy President of the UK Supreme Court, agreed that this case could be removed from the list following communications from the parties