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McCue (as guardian for Andrew McCue) (AP) (Appellant) v Glasgow City Council (Respondent) (Scotland)

Case ID: 2021/0028

Case summary


The key issue is whether the Respondent’s charging policy for community care services is discriminatory.


The Appellant is the mother and guardian of Andrew McCue. Andrew is disabled and thus entitled to community care services from the Respondent, a local authority. The Respondent has the power to charge for its services, though certain deductions may be applied to reduce the contribution payable. This appeal concerns the Respondent’s decision to allow only certain deductions together with the validity of the charging policy.

Judgment appealed

[2020] CSIH 51



Terri McCue (as Guardian for Andrew McCue)


Glasgow City Council



Lord Reed, Lord Lloyd-Jones, Lord Sales, Lord Burrows, Lord Stephens

Hearing start date

18 October 2022

Hearing finish date

18 October 2022

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18 October 2022 Morning session Afternoon session

Judgment details

Judgment date

11 January 2023

Neutral citation

[2023] UKSC 1

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11 January 2023 Judgment summary