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Case details

CPRE Kent (Appellant) v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (Respondent)

Case ID: UKSC 2019/0174

Case summary


Whether a claimant in statutory and judicial review cases who is unsuccessful at the permission stage should be liable for the costs of multiple other parties, including respondents and interested parties.


The Appellant applied for judicial review against the Respondents and Interested Party. Permission for judicial review was refused. The judge held this was a claim to which the cap on costs under the Aarhus Convention applied. She ordered that the Appellant pay both Respondents’ and the Interested Party’s costs up to that cap, totalling £10,000. The Appellant challenges this order.

Judgment appealed

[2019] EWCA Civ 1230





Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government



Lord Reed, Lord Hodge, Lord Lloyd-Jones, Lord Leggatt, Lord Burrows

Hearing start date

28 January 2021

Hearing finish date

28 January 2021

Watch hearing
28 Jan 2021 Morning session Afternoon Session

Future Judgment Update

Please note that appeal in the matter of CPRE Kent (Appellant) v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (Respondent) has been heard by the Supreme Court and is currently awaiting judgment.

As soon as the judgment hand-down date is confirmed, it will be published on the Future judgments page of this website. As a very broad indication, judgments tend to follow between three to nine months after the conclusion of the appeal hearing, although in some cases it may be earlier than that. Information about judgment hand-downs is usually announced one week in advance. We are unable to give any indication of the likely hand-down date for judgments not listed on the Future judgments page.