Other highlights

Other highlights

Law library

Guests have the rare chance to view the magnificent triple height Law Library which is in many ways the centre piece of the Supreme Court building. This area is generally not open to the public.

Supreme Court Library

Inscribed on the ceremonial doors that lead to the Library is the full text of the Magna Carta – overlaid with some words from the Judicial Oath. A portrait of the Duke of Northumberland by Thomas Gainsborough can be seen on the upper level. Looking up, the sublimely restored ceiling has fine intricate details including an historic Royal Coat of Arms.

The Courtrooms

There are three courtrooms to view, the largest of which is Courtroom One. This has been the location of the most high profile cases heard by the Supreme Court so far. Several portraits adorn the walls including one of the Duke of Wellington, the famous military commander and Prime Minister. Stained glass windows bear the heraldic arms of the Lord Lieutenants of Middlesex and original benches feature carvings of England’s monarchs and heraldic animals.

Courtroom One

Courtroom Two is a modern light space with views over Westminster Abbey and a glass sculpture of the Supreme Court emblem serves as an eye catching focal point. Wall hangings incorporate decorative elements of the Court’s emblem.

Primarily used by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, Courtroom Three features a Sir Joshua Reynold’s portrait of the Earl of Northumberland in an ornate Chippendale frame and also amorial stained glass.