Familiarisation conversations for potential judicial candidates

Familiarisation conversations for potential judicial candidates

In previous competitions, the Supreme Court has been able to host familiarisation visits for those considering applying for an appointment as a Justice. These visits are not possible at the moment given the restrictions arising from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

A confidential phone call to discuss working at the Supreme Court can be arranged with a Justice. Expressions of interest in such a conversation will be considered from people who meet the minimum statutory criteria to be a Justice of the Supreme Court and who are contemplating applying in this competition.

There is also a considerable amount of information on the Supreme Court website, including video recordings of cases.

To enquire further, please email grainne.hawkins@supremecourt.uk.

The availability of these phone calls is not guaranteed and the Supreme Court reserves the right to screen applicants where there is uncertainty over whether they meet the minimum statutory requirements for Supreme Court judicial appointments.