Annual reports planning and governance

Annual reports, planning and governance

At the Supreme Court, we strongly believe our work must be transparent and open to all. As a public organisation it is our responsibility to publish our annual reports, accounts and business plans. These documents and others including our relationship with Ministry of Justice can be found on this page.

Our governance structure

The Supreme Court and JCPC has an internal governance structure. This comprises:

  • Management Board
  • Risk and Audit Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Health and Safety Committee.

Our Strategic Advisory Board

A Strategic Advisory Board was established in 2016 to complement the work of the Management Board . Its remit is to consider the strategic direction of the Court and to approve and review the Supreme Court’s strategic framework. This board has no direct role in managing the judicial or non-judicial functions of the Court.

The Strategic Advisory Board comprises of the President, the Deputy President, one other Justice appointed by the President, the Chief Executive, the Director of Corporate Services, the Registrar and the Supreme Court's two non-executive directors.

Management board minutes can be found under our Meeting minutes section.

Annual Report and Accounts

Business Plan

Click on the following links to view our Business Plans:

Concordat with the Ministry of Justice

Mission and Strategic Objectives